The Central Oregon OABHI Mission (1)

The Central Oregon Older Adult Behavioral Health Initiative (OABHI) will identify service gaps, strengthen existing services, expand the skills of the workforce, and expand the development of behavioral health services and supports to improve the lives of adults over the age of 60 who are experiencing behavioral health challenges, or physical disabilities.

OABHI Info Sheet

Why Focus on Aging? (2)

Every day 10,000 Americans turn 65 years old. This trend will continue until 2029. Today 15.4 percent of Oregonians are 65 years or older. By 2030, that figure will increase to 20 percent. The 75-and- older age group will be growing even faster. Nationally, this trend has implications for health, including behavioral health:

  • 15-20 percent of older adults have depression, which if untreated leads to other health problems
  • Men aged 75 and older have the highest suicide rate
  • Up to 15 percent of older adults are at-risk drinkers
  • Up to 23 percent deal with polypharmacy issues

Investment in effective strategies, including effective collaboration, care coordination, and a force of well-trained workers, will help ensure the health, safety and independence of older adults.

Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson Counties Profile

Older Adult Behavioral Health Specialists’ Functions (3)

The Older Adult Behavioral Health Specialists (OABHS) have three primary functions:

  1. Networking for better coordination among behavioral health, aging services, primary care providers and hospitals.
  2. Facilitation of complex case consultations.
  3. Workforce development and community education/awareness.

Older Adult Program FY 2015-2016 Overview

If you are interested in learning more about the initiative or having a training brought on site please contact your local Older Adult Behavioral Health Specialist:

Angela Belew Jensen, L.C.S.W.
541-460-8480 (Cell)
541-508-7695 (Desk)

Mary Callison, MSW
541-306-3523 (Office)
541-362-6863 (Cell)